Note: Dear member of Artemis. MENAI Field & Game is now open to target members of ARTEMIS. Members with a target category are now able to compete with the Menai field & game using your Artemis  membership.

Firearms please ensure your license & membership incudes a target category

02 8056 75 25

Menai shooting range events

Range: Heathcote Road, Menai New South Wales 2234

Clay target shooting trap game

Sunday 23st  Jan 2022

Sunday 20th Feb  2022

Sunday  6th Mar 2022

Sunday  3rd Apr 2022

Sunday 15th May 2022

Sunday 12th  Jun 2022

Sunday 10th July 2022

Sunday  7th  Aug 2022

Sunday 18th  Sep 2022

Sunday 16th  Oct  2022

Sunday 20th Nov 2022

Sunday  11th  Dec 2022

   (Xmas Shooting)

Field & Game Shooting

 Sunday 30th Jan  2022

 Sunday 27/2 CANCELLED

*Sunday 27th Mar 2022 

 Sunday 26th Jun  2022

 Sunday 24th Jul   2022

 Sunday 28th Aug  2022

 Sunday 25th Sep  2022

 Sunday 27th Nov  2022

* Sponsored Competition By ARTEMIS 100 target

4 States shooting 2022

             TBA             X th June 2022

For booking call : 


   George Georgiou    Mob: 0419 294 744


Steve Kulumundris

Mob: 0410 426 986


Office Tuesdays pm

02 8056 75 25

All Artemis shooters are welcome to shoot on any of the Australian Sporting Clays Sydney  practice days and competition days.

Arranged your 2021 attendances

There is currently a 12-month extension to the attendances reporting period for 2021 (now 2021-2022), allowing for one year’s participation across two years, while the COVID-19 health orders remain in place


Under the Firearms Act, which took effect in July 1977, many firearms owners will not qualify for a  licence as they do not currently have a sufficiency “reason of need” to possess a firearm.   Membership of an approved hunting club and participation in four approved events per year   will provide a sufficient  reason.